For all the wrong reasons, one of the more memorable moments of the 2017 season was the devastating spinal injury ​Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier suffered against the Bengals.  Flash forward to present day, and the star is doing a whole lot better with his rehab. He proved this during the NFL Draft when he ​walked across the podium to reveal his team's selection. He did this once again during a press conference on Wednesday, where he also revealed the news he's still hoping to return to the Steelers and make plays.  

We know everything is much more positive now than it was several months ago, and it's clear Shazier has no intentions of closing the chapter on his football career just yet.

While many may be shocked he's trying to make a comeback, the Pittsburgh star is known for his passion for the game. 

At the same time, he's in absolutely no rush to try and lace up his cleats. Wisely, he's taking things slow. 

Spinal cord injuries are terrifying and are always on the table when you step out onto the field. 

Shazier has experienced this, but it's not stopping him from potentially returning to action down the road. Whether he plays or not, it's safe to say Steelers fans are always rooting for his success, both on the gridiron and off of it.