The devastating season for the New York Mets never seems to get better. 

They ​can't win for one of the best pitchers in baseball in Jacob deGrom, and their new manager gets ​out-managed by the league's best after a hot start.

One of their biggest blunders they've made this season, however, is simply having Jose Reyes on their roster. Now, the Mets are finally talking about releasing him. Great! Well, not so fast. They're screwing this up too.

It's no secret he has meant a lot to this organization over the years - he won a batting title in New York back in 2011 and was known for providing a spark in the clubhouse. With that said, if the Mets are supposedly trying to win now, they can't go forward with a guy hitting .141 with a .208 on base percentage.

Not to mention, you know...his lingering domestic violence-laden past? That's left a bad taste in all baseball fans' mouths.

This is not the time for a "proper sendoff."

He just needs to go. Plain and simple.

The longer Reyes stays on their roster, the longer they'll go with an automatic out coming off their bench.