Although Kendrick Perkins has been inactive during the Cavaliers' postseason run, he has still been able to get a healthy dose of publicity. 

There have been several incidents already in two games against the Warriors where this 6-foot-10-inch man has gotten into some drama with the other teamAfter dealing with all of the immediate backlashes, Perkins made a few remarks about his side of the story. He also cautioned the Warriors that they should leave him alone...or else.

Perkins cautioned his foes on the Warriors that they should leave this drama alone and pick another battle or else this fight could get pretty ugly. And he's probably right. A Curry vs. Perkins fight would be fairly easy throw down bets on.

This energy that Perkins is exerting from the bench is exactly the type of liveliness that the rest of the Cavs need to feel in order to have a shot at winning Game 3. Perkins is radiating a sense of confidence that some of the Cavaliers have lost after being down two games. 

Sure, it may be a little easier to do so from the bench without having to back up your words with statistics, but either way, the Cavaliers should channel their inner Perkins.