I love when I go on Twitter to get some hard hitting football news and all I get is players going full moon in the locker room. 

Earlier this afternoon, the New York Jets' Twitter account posted a photo of Sam Darnold being asked about his 21st birthday, which seems entirely reasonable. But they must not have noticed the naked player in the background of the photo. ​

​​It took the Jets approximately 40 minutes to realize the mistake they made before they finally deleted the tweet. In fact, they deleted the tweet as I was in the middle of writing this article. If the ​Je​ts' PR department spent more time monitoring their Twitter account and a little less time monitoring others' Internet activity, they wouldn't have overlooked this social media gaffe in the first place. 

I'm sure all ​Sam Darnold wanted for his birthday was to see his 21-year-old face right next to his teammate's rear end. Let the photoshops begin. The Jets PR department should actually be good at that sort of thing.