Apparently, Connor McDavid's rookie card costs more than a luxury vehicle. 

McDavid's 2015 Upper Deck The Cup rookie card, which includes an autograph and game worn jersey, sold for $55,655 in a recent online auction. 

Canada's new golden boy has already established himself as the most proficient scorer in the NHL, so it makes sense that his cards would be the most sought after. 

Imagine everything you could do with $55,000. One man decided to spend it on a piece of cardboard. ​​

McDavid led the league in scoring for the second straight year with a 108 points. Despite his dominant play, the Edmonton Oilers still found themselves well outside of a playoff spot. McDavid's rookie card is now up there for one of the most expensive cards in the NHL, including that of Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby. 

The modern era of hockey cards includes any cards that were printed after 1986. That puts McDavid with some pretty elite company as far as hockey cards go. 

The Edmonton Oilers will look to improve on their 2017-18 season, ​perhaps through trade or just by drafting talent. If only they could have as much success as a McDavid rookie card.