​If there's one player in the draft that could reach the big leagues as early as this summer, it's right-handed reliever Durbin Feltman out of TCU, who the Boston Red Sox just drafted with 100th overall pick in the third round.

Helping a contender before the playoffs, K-Rod Style. Sign us up.

There aren't many pitchers who come out of high school or college who are full time relief pitchers, but Feltman has been one of the best relievers in college baseball over the last three seasons at TCU.

In 18 appearances this season, Feltman posted a 0.73 ERA with 43 strikeouts and just six walks over 24.1 innings this year. Those numbers, along with his 99 mph fastball and nasty slider, play at the major league level right now.

​​Feltman doesn't have as high of a ceiling because he's only a reliever and there's no way he can convert to a productive starter. But hey, that ​Craig Kimbrel guy was drafted as a reliever. How'd that work out? The flame-throwing righty knows what he is and that's a dominant, back-end monster.

He may only be 21 years old, but he has great experience from his collegiate career and it wouldn't be the first time a college pitcher went straight to the big leagues. ​Boston could use another addition to their bullpen. Why not look from within to fill that need?