​After the Philadelphia ​​Eagles were uninvited to the White House by President Trump after having their Super Bowl ceremony scrapped this week, LeBron James weighed in on the future of the NBA Champions and a potential White House visit. Not shockingly, it doesn't look bright.

​​On the un-invitation, LeBron said "It's typical of him. I'm not surprsied."

James followed that up by adding that "I know no matter who wins this series...no one wants to be invited anyways."

Pretty much "U bum!" Part Two.

This sentiment quickly made its way around the news room, and Steph Curry found himself posed with the same question. Not surprisingly, Curry backed up LeBron's statement.

Neither of the two team's star players want to visit the White House if they win the championship, following the precedent of the 2016-2017 Warriors, who chose as a team to not visit the Nation's Capital, well before Steph Curry was bizarrely uninvited. ​Steve Kerr had been vocal in his disapproval of President Trump, calling him a "blowhard" and "ill-suited" to be president.

This tumultuous tension-filled period between sports and politics continues, leaving many fans wondering if it will ever end.