​Happy wife, happy life. I guess the same logic applies to your star pitcher. 

Phillies manager Gabe Kapler recently backed Jake Arrieta's extremely critical comments about his teammates following the team's loss and series sweep at the hands of the San Francisco Giants. 

Kapler said Arrieta was correct in his ​assessment of the team's poor play and that it was good to have conversations about how the squad needed to improve. That approach of positivity and acceptance is almost the complete opposite of how Arrieta spoke about the team. 

Arrieta said the Phillies are "the worst in the league with shifts" and they "need to have an accountability check." These comments are incredibly bold when you consider that Arrieta has hardly been with Philadelphia for four months. Then again, Kapler is a rookie manager and this is the first big public outburst he's had to deal with amongst players in his new role.

Kapler may have just agreed with Arrieta because he knows ​he needs his top pitcher on board if they are going to push for an NL East title this season. Having a public battle with your top veteran would certainly not be the best way to start off a tenure as manager.