​The Tom Brady-Bill Belichick supposed feud is like a train wreck; we just can't look away.

After reports came out last season depicting the ongoing feud between the greatest head coach-quarterback tandem in NFL history, subtle signs of this spat have continued to creep up despite both of their denials of any tension. 

After ​the Patriots' first mandatory minicamp, Belichick provided more passive aggression for us to over-analyze in the coming weeks.

​​Look, there is nothing necessarily wrong with what Belichick said, but this is the quarterback that has helped lead you to NFL stardom and countless Super Bowls. Quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and even Mitchell Trubisky receive much more praise from their coaches.

There is clearly some ongoing rift between the two, made evident by Brady's absence at OTAs. Reporting to minicamp is a good sign for Patriots fans, but will Belichick be able to forgive Brady for skipping practice to ​visit Monaco and hang out with Kris Jenner on yachts?

Pats fans can only hope.