​Just when many thought the ​situation involving Sterling Brown and the Milwaukee police couldn't get any worse, more footage from the arresting officers is released. 

While the initial videos showed the brutality behind the incident, the latest clips display the officers stressing out over possible backlash. 

Listening to the audio of this insane debacle really shows how ridiculous this entire arrest has become. 

It originally started with a parking violation, but somehow the Bucks guard ended up getting tased. Although the Milwaukee police department displayed some regret, the bottom line is that Brown's career was the only reason they were worried. 

The thought of this becoming a nightmare with the media--which ironically came true--was their only fear. After all, it didn't stop them from stepping on Sterling Brown's ankle.

​​Unfortunately, this latest footage just adds more fuel to a never-ending fire. Considering all the stories of police brutality, especially on certain athletes, the ​Milwaukee police officers aren't doing any favors with these reactions.