​Batman and Robin. Jordan and Pippen. Dare I say, Brady and Gronk?

In the least surprising news of all time, ​Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowki were back in Foxborough at the Patriots' facilities as they took part in the team's fantasy camp. 

​​The fantasy camp is an opportunity for fans to spend time with players on the team, practice with them and gain an understanding of what it's really like to be a Patriot. 

Seeing Brady and Gronkowski at this should reassure fans, ​who shouldn't have been concerned in the first place, that everything is fine between New England's offensive stars and coach Bill Belichick. 

Some fans have convinced themselves that some sort of cold war has been brewing between Belichick and Brady, but this news confirms that all will be well in New England, as the team begins their run for another Super Bowl title. 

The boys look like they're ready to take care of business.