​Tom Brady confirmed weeks ago that he is definitely going to play in the 2018 season, but even this confirmation has not been enough to make some fans chill out. 

​News that Brady would not be attending OTAs shook the football world, and though this is the first OTA that Brady has ever missed, it is not monumental for Brady, the 40-year-old MVP, to spend the offseason with his family. 

After all, he will be on the field for mandatory minicamp starting June 5. 

​​Despite wanting to take some time off this preseason, Brady has recently been seen throwing with WR Julian Edelman at Gillette. 

See, everyone, the guy can't stay away from the Patriots even if he tried. 

Say what you will about the significance of Brady skipping OTAs, but it's ridiculous that fans are so up and arms. Do people really think that the veteran, who at 40 years old, threw for 4,577 yards with a 66.3 completion percentage last season, is going to end his career with a loss? Really people?

​So maybe Brady and Belichick are growing apart, but that does not mean Brady has let his commitment to football wane. As soon as the Pats step onto the field, all of this offseason drama will disappear and focus will return to a winning season.

Frankly, any fans showing their lack of trust in Brady this offseason need a wake-up call. This is Tom Brady we're talking about. Of course he's practicing at Gillette.