Dee Gordon has been absolutely terrible lately. 

The Mariners shortstop/second baseman started the season out hot, but has ice cold the last couple of weeks. After the team wrapped up a 13-inning game against the Rays, a game Gordon went 0-for-6 in, he stayed late to get in some extra work.


He stayed so late that the sprinklers were still running as he was standing on the field. 


Gordon was one of the better hitters in baseball for much of the season. He was hitting .355 on May 3, but has steadily declined since then. 

Even more recently, since May 13 (Gordon was hitting .335) Gordon has just five hits in 40 at-bats. That's a .125 average. His season average has dipped to .292 as a result of the recent struggles. 

It's no surprise that Gordon is trying to get some extra work in. Especially with Robinson Cano out, they're definitely going to need some production if they going to stay in the playoff race.