Before plunging into another ​Cleveland Browns season, Hue Jackson fulfilled his promise and plunged into Lake Erie.

​The plunge promise came after the 2016 season ended when the Browns went 1-15. Jackson vowed if the Browns did not improve its win total in 2017 he would jump into Lake Erie. He told ESPN's Pat McManamon, “I’m not going 1-15. No. I’ll be swimming in that lake over there somewhere. That’s not happening.”

And, as we all know Jackson led the Browns to an even worse record at 0-16. So, at least he got one thing right, he didn't go 1-15. 

Jackson along with 150 Cleveland Browns employees and owner Dee Haslam took part in the Lake Erie plunge.

The 18-month promise took so long to fulfill because doctors advised against Jackson jumping into the cold water due to a heart condition. 

Also, the plunge was used to raise money for charity. Jackson pledged to donate $100 per Browns employee who jumped into the lake with him. 

The plunge raised $15,000, but Jackson doubled that by adding another $15,000 to bring the total to $30,000. The money went to the Hue Jackson Foundation which combats human trafficking.