Boston Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs, has some choice words for Quebec City and their hopes in bringing in an NHL team. Jacobs called Quebec City "challenged" stating that the city isn't capable of bringing back the Nordiques. 

Quebec City tried to become the 31st team in the NHL, however Vegas inevitably won that bid, and now find themselves in the Stanley Cup Final. Whichever city does become the 32nd team in team in the NHL, they'll have some high expectations for their first year of existence. 

Why the Boston Bruins​​ owner is influencing Gary Bettman's decision is beyond me, but we've seen ​Bettman make some pretty choice statements recently so it's really no surprise.

Quebec City has been desperate to bring back their beloved Nordiques, however the fall in the Canadian dollar, and a medium sized population has left more to be desired from the Canadian city. The NHL wants to expand their league into a market that will succeed not just from a fan base perspective, but economically as well. 

Jacobs believes that Quebec City isn't capable of creating revenue for the NHL, thus there's no reason to expand or relocate there. ​Cities such as Seattle or even Houston are much more enticing for a new NHL team, according to Jacobs.  

​​Don Cherry is fully on board for a return of his Nordiques, but Bettman is still having none of that. 

All economics aside, Quebec City really is the right choice for an NHL relocation. The next expansion team will likely be Seattle, but if a team is to be relocated, then Quebec City is the obvious choice. They already have the Videotron Centre, and their fan base has never lost their love of the Nordiques. 

Jeremy Jacobs may be critical of Quebec City, but if there's any city in North America that deserves an NHL team, it's them.