​Captain Kirk is settling in nicely in his new home. But there will certainly need to be some more time for adjustments before he's fully confident in his ability to take his Vikings to their first-ever Super Bowl this season.

Cousins said that he is quickly acclimating to "the Viking way of doing things." In particular, head coach Mike Zimmer has been stressing situational offense: third downs and red zone plays.

​The former Redskins quarterback definitely likes his new coach's methods, saying "NFL football, I’ve learned, is so much situationally based and so we have to practice third downs, red zone third downs, two-minute."

Cousins is buying in to his new system already. That's great news for Vikings fans, who undoubtedly have some high expectations for the man given ​the ridiculous amount of money he's making under his new contract.

And even better, his teammates are buying into him.

If this offense really gels around Cousins, ​these Vikings are going to be even better than last year. Championship run, anyone?