​It's not uncommon to see an athlete have a signature gesture, but Al Horford's habit of flinching at the free throw line is quite bizarre. While ​Boston's All-Star is a premier rebounder and competitor, watching him freak out on a rebound does raise questions. Although Horford did explain the reasoning behind this phenomenon, it's not exactly believable.  

​​According to Horford, his constant flinching is a way of getting his teammates loose. Despite being known for his serious demeanor, the Celtics star wants to provide some humor for those watching. 

Let's be honest here, Horford's excuse is pretty lame. HIs flinches don't exactly look fake, as he appears to be completely frightened of the basketball. Another interesting comment he made was that he doesn't perform these antics as frequently, which isn't exactly true either. Even during a tightly-contested​ Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Horford flinched at the charity stripe.

There's no denying that Horford might be one of the best leaders in the NBA, but his explanation for flinching during free throws really is a head-scratcher. Regardless, watching him lose it on these missed shots is pretty ​​hilarious.