It's never been a secret to anyone that ​LeBron James ​is one of the greatest of all time. On Sunday night, his (yet another) miraculous ​Game 7 performance may have pushed him over the threshold for being THE greatest.

He's now making his eighth straight NBA Finals appearance, with another lackluster cast of teammates. James carried the load yet again this year.

After the win, Twitter was in awe about his showing, and even some NFL players had to chime in on what they had just witnessed.

It really has been hard to believe...

As Jake Butt mentioned, that's probably the craziest thing of all -- the team around him likely wouldn't have even made the playoffs. 

Many others also showed their appreciation for James:

Looks like that settles it!

And again!

Ask the haters, Marvin!

Well said, Torrey.

Is it time to put the argument to rest and consider him the GOAT? There's probably no question if he can win the Finals with this team.