​Whether it's joking or predicting the future, there's really nobody better than The Simpsons.

Heck, they even got a Trump presidency called, like, over a decade ago.

Lucky for us, the internet's sleuths have figured out another way in which Homer called something well in advance. Let's direct you to Homer and Ned Flanders' 1999 ​Las Vegas bender. Notice anything in the background?

​​Yup, that's Lord Stanley's Cup.

Back in '99, Homer would've had to have taken some sort of extended Canadian road trip to bring the Cup back, even in a fantasy universe.

But this year, this might just be a genuine tableau in a couple weeks. Real life.

​​We can't believe we're here either.

​The Simpsons was way ahead of the curve, but they were right about one massive thing. Perhaps they shouldn't have stopped their ​Vegas pro sports advocacy there. Get the Lombardi Trophy in the shot, too!