​Players are striking back at the NFL after the announcement that fines will ensue if players take a knee during the National Anthem, with ​protests relegated to the locker room.

In response, key NFL players are reportedly considering sitting out until game action until Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are permitted to sign with new teams following their de facto ban, which has seen ​several opportunities evaporate seemingly out of thin air. 

Players supporting the idea are aiming to get at least 25 percent of their NFL colleagues to join the movement, according to Shaun King, who verbalized the rumblings. They hope to raise awareness in regards to the issues at hand.

​​The movement started after players began to join Kaepernick's protest against police brutality and racial inequality just last year. Reid, a fellow teammate of Kaepernick, was one of the first to join the efforts, and has garnered nearly no interest in his own free agency this time around.

Some NFL players, however, have doubted the validity of this reporting.

In what's been considered a win for Donald Trump, players are required to stand for the anthem if they leave the locker room.

Can't stand if you don't even play, of course.