​Gary Bettman has absolutely no clue why fans are booing him and it's absolutely hilarious. I'll commend him for finding a silver lining for the universal hate towards him. 

Boos rain down on Bettman any time he appears on the ice or during the Draft, and yet he still puts up with it so at least he's resilient. That being said, maybe he should try changing people's opinions on him rather than just letting it be. 

​​It's become a routine because fans routinely hate you Gary. If someone is any sort of hockey fan, then they have to hate on Bettman, those are the rules. 

I suppose he's half right. Fans do passionately hate Bettman on a regular basis so he's not too far off. Bettman will surely appear on the ice to hand the Stanley Cup to the eventually winner, and no matter the arena, fans will shout their boos and feelings of disgust for the NHL's commissioner. 

Between ​goalie interference and the NHL's inability to accept the truth behind concussions and CTE, Gary Bettman has been nothing but a plague for hockey. He's been the commissioner for three lockout and we'll likely see one more at the end of his reign. However, fans definitely hate him because we're passionate, not because he's been the commissioner for three lock outs. 

Way to cover your tracks Bettman. Tell that to Derek Boogaard or Rick Rypien. 

Bettman isn't ​​the best of commissioners but it's what the NHL's got for the next few years. He's likely to stay commissioner for quite some time and fans will just have to keep booing him any time he makes an appearance. As much as Bettman wants to deny it, he knows that NHL fans hate him as a whole, and yet NHL owners continue to support him so he'll be here for the long haul.