After a lackluster series against the Capitals, Penguins winger Phil Kessel refused to talk to the media on move out day. 

He was unavailable to give any explanation for his poor showing, whether it be injury or just fatigue. 

This led to an unexpected bombshell. Mark Madden of 105.9 FM believes that after the lack of effort shown in the playoffs the Penguins are done with Kessel and want to ship him out this summer.

Kessel is apparently displeased with his usage on the third line. He wants to play with Evgeni Malkin on a consistent basis but coach Mike Sullivan has been adamant about using Kessel to balance three scoring lines. 

It is unknown how much credibility is behind these rumors. Kessel has struggled with the media before. His tenure with the Maple Leafs was plagued by the Toronto media holding him under a microscope and tearing him apart. 

That was seemingly in the past after Kessel helped lead the Penguins to two cups but all it takes is one lackluster series and an absence on media day ​to turn everyone against you apparently.

Kessel could be traded and Madden could be proven right, but we'll believe it when we see it.