Game on.

Flame-throwing Gerrit Cole and cerebral Trevor Bauer are often touted as the most prolific pitching duo in UCLA history, yet they can't stand each other. 

Oh, and they face off at Progressive Field in Cleveland on Sunday night for the first time professionally. We love it. We're here for the hate.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, "They refuse to even speak about each other, they won’t even look at each other." Somewhat jarring, as the two were not only teammates, but they were also drafted together in 2011's first round. Cole was selected first, and Bauer was picked third. Friday starter Cole and Saturday starter Bauer fronted an elite college rotation, but their bond was simply never there.

Just recently, Bauer showed that side of hatred for Cole when he accused the entire Houston Astros pitching staff of cheating. He ​fired off a series of tweets saying its suspicious how every pitcher the Astros seem to get, increases their "RPMs" in the blink of an eye. Not shockingly, Bauer's attacks came as Cole surged in his first season in Houston, surely an attempt to discredit his rival's rise a bit.

This should make for an entertaining matchup on Sunday. Not only do Bauer and Cole bring extreme tension to the table, but now the entire ​Houston organization will be coming for Bauer's head. 

Oh, and there's a good chance that Cole and Bauer will be teammates once more at the All-Star Game in July. Have fun, boys!