​The Houston Rockets prevailed once again against the defending champion Golden State Warriors tonight, pushing the defending champs to the brink. And in so doing, Chris Paul and company didn't just bring the seemingly unbeatable Dubs to heel; they exposed them.

The Twitter took notice in no uncertain terms.

​​Oh, boy. Can't tell what's worse-- this guy's hair, or how his trash pantomime looks in slow-mo.

​​C'mon, KD. If your main account is exposed like this, what could all your freaking burners possibly say? This is bad, bro.

Leg injuries have hampered the Dubs in no uncertain terms. Is it Houston's time in the barrel now?

Advantage, LeBron. Just sayin'.


Expect multiple butt-fumbles in Game 6.

Oooooooooh! SNAP! A certain retired running back is still hitting the hole with pace.

You've got to respect the next-level trolling. He hit Steph with his own medicine but GOOD.

And that's how you do that.

​​My-oh-my, the DISRESPECT! This is like Harden versus Stanley Johnsons times three.

​​There IS a basketball god!!

​​The ultimate insult.

​THAT MAN beat you?

​Yes. Yes, he did. And that's a beautiful thing, folks.