PRIENAI, LITHUANIA - JANUARY 09:  LiAngelo Ball of Vytautas Prienai in action during the match between Vytautas Prienai and Zalgiris Kauno on January 9, 2018 in Prienai, Lithuania.  (Photo by Alius Koroliovas/Getty Images)

4 Teams Dumb Enough to Draft LiAngelo Ball

After the NBA Combine, there has been talk about whether or not LiAngelo Ball will have any sort of shot at the pros during this year's Draft. LiAngelo, younger brother of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, has been discussed for months now thanks to his father LaVar Ball's marketing.  Ball has some potential to be an offensive spark to a team coming off of the bench but he must drastically improve across the board if he wants a shot at being a starter. He is simply not as good as his older brother, and doesn't have nearly the vision or playmaking ability as Lonzo. Some would even argue LaMelo is a better pro prospect.

Here are 4 teams that still might consider drafting LiAngelo Ball. 

4. Kings

The Kings are already loaded with young, emerging talent and adding LiAngelo to their roster would just make things worse. Adding LiAngelo into the mix would only complicate the development of De'Aaron Fox and the rest of the Kings young studs.

3. Knicks

The Knicks should stay away and not even look into drafting LiAngelo. The Knicks need players that are able to help them in the next two to three years. LiAngelo is not experienced enough to be one of these players. Ball would be a major distraction that this New York team does not need. 

2. Clippers

Although the Clippers have been pretty secretive throughout all of the Draft chatter, we do know that they were scheduled to work LiAngelo out after his performance at the Combine. One reason the Clippers should stay away is because they share the Staples Center with the Lakers, which would mean that there would be a double dosage of LaVar that LA can't handle.

1. Lakers

The Lakers are obviously LiAngelo's top choice. LiAngelo dreams of playing with his brother Lonzo again. This sounds nice and all, but the Lakers would be making a huge mistake if they gave the Ball brothers that opportunity. Lonzo is obviously the more talented of the two by a landslide. The Lakers need to keep a clear head and not allow for their father LaVar Ball to get into it.