​After Mariners' second baseman Robinson Cano ​received an 80-game suspension for violating the MLB's joint drug policy, everyone seemingly had something to say on the matter.

This includes Cano's former Yankee teammate Mark Teixeira, who stated ​he was not surprised by the suspension

However, Teixeira's comments have now drawn a response from a former teammate of both the retired first baseman and Cano -- Yankees' pitcher C.C. Sabathia.

​​It's hard to interpret exactly what Sabathia is getting at here with these comments against Teixeira. Perhaps he is suggesting that Teixeira is not a good teammate, given his willingness to call out one of his former Yankees. Or maybe he's referencing a larger, unknown beef between the three. Regardless, there appears to not be a lot of surprise, as one fan comically acknowledged on Twitter.

It seems that the only person in surprise right now is Cano, as he still claims that his suspension was a shock to him after taking the drugs that resulted in his suspension.