​The ​NFL's new national anthem policy has created even more room for debate, especially on social media.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long released the following statement in ​regard t​o the creation of the new rule.

​​The statement written personally by Long has caught the ire of one media personality, and that's Fox News' Britt McHenry. The former ESPN reporter took exception to Long's comments, and took to Twitter to disagree with the Eagles player, claiming he's only looking for publicity.

​​McHenry did not end there, as she ripped Long for donating to various charities in Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Boston. Most notably, she criticized Long for donating his entire 2017 salary with the Eagles.

​​Donating to charity in order to find "the quickest way to a TV booth?" That's what McHenry believes in her mind, ignoring the fact that she angry-spoke her way onto a media platform, too.

And there's the "tax write off" card being thrown out on the Twittersphere by McHenry. 

​​There you have it. McHenry doesn't care what others think about her opinion, but boasts about the private messages of support she has received.

As expected, the new National Anthem policy is a touchy topic, especially on social media. The debate will surely show no signs of slowing down heading into the 2018 season. The fire's already been lit.