​Unfortunately, these kind of updates are becoming common. Former Kent State football recruit Elkanah Odembo was pulled out of his car in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and was tased after a police officer pulled him over for having a tail light out. 

The officer tried pulling on Odembo's arms to get him out of the car, but Odembo remained insistent upon staying in the car. 

He repeatedly pressed the officer to inform him of what he was being charged with and later told the officer he planned to sue him for the way he was being treated. After struggling for a while, the officer eventually got Odembo out of the car. The video cuts off before Odembo is tased.

​​This case emerges right after the video of ​Sterling Brown getting tased by a police officer in January was released. 

​​Expect there to be a big public response to the video of Odembo, especially as the public becomes more conscious of the Brown case.