​On Wednesday the Milwaukee Police Department released footage of the harassment of Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Sterling Brown.

Here is the thirty minute video:

​​From the video, you can see that the officer walked up, tackled, and then tased Brown in a questionable act.

Today Joseph Grams, the officer in the video, was officially suspended two days for the incident with Brown.

Sure, the Milwaukee Police Department may have publicly apologized for Grams' actions, but a two-day suspension for the rogue officer seems quite counterintuitive. 

What message is the Milwaukee Police Department trying to send by giving a soft suspension to an officer who clearly used an excessive amount of force on an innocent civilian?

Both the mayor of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Bucks have made public statements denouncing the acts of Officer Grams, making it seem like the only people in Milwaukee not condemning the incident are the ones responsible for the encounter in the first place.

Joseph Grams' two day suspension should be revised immediately.