​Well, that sure doesn't look good. 

Yesterday, the NFL owners came to a controversial decision to fine teams if their players participate in ​National Anthem protests. Apparently, there is ​more debate to be had about further definitions of a protest to be had as well. 

That's all controversial as it is, but apparently the "unanimous vote" the owners had never even happened. 

According to Seth Wickersham, the vote on the National Anthem never even happened. The owners were polled about how they would vote on the issue, with many abstentions, but no vote was actually held. 

Apparently, a lot of the owners were outspoken about this issue. Mark Davis is the latest to have apparently abstained from the "vote." He joins Jed York, and Christopher Johnson as owners who have distanced themselves from the decision. 

It's clear that not all of the owners are on board with this, and that some are far more passionate about it than others. Either way, I seriously doubt we've heard the last of this business about the National Anthem. 

It's clear that no decision has been reached that suits everyone.