Bryce Harper is just a freak.

First off, the guy is ​really good at baseball. Like scary good. He is the only reason the Nationals are even still relevant right now. 

By the way, it turns out he could be some sort of wizard. Harper predicted what the Stanley Cup matchup would be almost a month ago. 

Maybe this was just a feeler tweet he sent out back then. I mean, it's one thing to say Vegas would end up there; they were one of the best teams in the West all season despite their expansion status. But no one could have actually imagined Washington would take down ​Pittsburgh, the two-time defending champion, and Tampa to get the the Stanley Cup Final.

Now, the only question is who is he going to root for. Harper's from Vegas, but he obviously plays in Washington.

You got the matchup right, Bryce. But which side will you choose? Decisions, decisions.​​