The controversial ruling regarding national anthem protests was rolled out Wednesday morning at the conclusion of annual spring owners meetings.

Make of them what you will, but the clear result is that issuing penalties to those that kneel will only further lead to disconnect between the league and its players. If the NFL was trying to solve that discrepancy and better communicate to understand the true underlying issues behind the displays, then they failed miserably.

We have already heard that some owners, like New York Jets co-owner Christopher Johnson, will pay for any fines incurred by their players for any potential violations subject to the new Anthem policy.

Now, players will reportedly figure out ways to respond on their own accords.

For such a popular league that seemed to be making at least some significant progress in terms of listening to their players speak on social injustice, the feeling around the NFL is that all of that work has been undone.

The most prominent voices in the football and behind the movement have continued to weigh in on the aftermath of the league's decision.

There's no doubt that Sundays, no matter how bad NFL execs wish to avoid it, will continue to be controversial in consequence of the owners new Anthem policies. 

This time, they have no one to blame but themselves.