I understand the technique of clickbait and why some writers decide to use it, but Ron Cook seriously just utilizes blatant lies about the Pittsburgh Penguins ​and slaps on a ridiculous title to nearly every single one of his articles. ​This isn't the first time we've seen Cook throw out some nonsensical venom on the Pens.

His most recent headline details the "soured" relationship with Phil Kessel and that he's the reason the Pens lost their chances at a three-peat. How on Earth is Kessel always a team's scapegoat when things don't go their way? You'd think that after back-to-back Stanley Cups, Ron Cook would be pumping the breaks a bit with his ice cold takes on Kessel, but then again, it is Ron Cook. 

Cook is an absolute gong show.

Let's not beat around the bush, Kessel had a pretty bad post-season after putting up a career high 92 points in the regular season. In comparison to his past two Playoffs, putting up a single goal and eight assists isn't very good, especially when Kessel only shot the puck 18 times in the 12 games he played. 

To put that stat into perspective, he had 68 shots and 98 shots the past two post-seasons in about double the games played. 

​​Kessel supposedly was hurt for most of the Playoffs, which would explain his performance, but that doesn't mean he's the reason for the Pens' loss to the Washington Capitals. Evgeni Malkin was held out of two games during the second round but you don't see Cook pointing fingers at him. 

The Pens' paid a hefty price to acquire Derick Brassard at the Trade Deadline, only to see him produce four points in 12 games during the Playoffs, but Cook decides to spew lies and use Kessel as his scapegoat. 

Ron Cook is a hack and the entire NHL knows it. The Skip Bayless of Pittsburgh strikes again.