​Seriously... this dude is 1-31 in his last two seasons.

I know he's coaching the Browns, but come on! If nothing else, a coaching change would give Cleveland fans a spark of hope that real change could be coming. Even if that hope is foolish and unfulfilled, at least it's something.

As it stands, Jackson has contributed next to nothing during his tenure with the undisputed worst franchise in the NFL. And recent news indicates that he may in fact be doing even less than nothing:

​​As part of a​ hilarious back-and-forth dispute between two NFL insiders, it was revealed that ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio thinks that Jackson leaked information to NFL Network's Michael Silver about Cleveland's past plans to trade for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

What would the Browns have lost from firing Jackson at any point in the past year? Absolutely nothing. And what do they stand to gain? At the very least, a little bit of positive buzz with their fans.

The Browns have been so bad that Jackson literally has to jump into Lake Erie. Why? Because he failed to deliver on a promise to improve the team's record... from 1-15.

​​The Browns can talk about good causes all the want; the only reason the Lake Erie jump is happening is because the team couldn't win a single game last season.

When most recent media coverage your team ends up mentioning the "perfect season" parade you threw after going 0-16, something is horribly wrong. For a team with ​a rookie quarterback poised as the franchise's hopeful star and a bevy of buzz sure to come thanks to ​HBO's Hard Knocks, there is still no better time than now to fire Jackson and turn over a completely new leaf.