Move over ​Deshaun Watson, it appears that Mia Khalifa has a new favorite athlete. ​

While the former adult film star hasn't been one to shy away from the sports world, her recent obsessions over athletes have frightened several fanbases. Unfortunately for the Boston Celtics, one of their beloved players is the latest target. 

Although Khalifa has yet to speak up about Jayson Tatum, it's clear that she has quite the thing for the ​rookie sensation.

​​Khalifa is known for loving the Wizards and Capitals, but that won't stop her recent craze over Tatum. Considering just how impressive he's been in the postseason, it's not surprising that the former Duke product has become so popular. 

One Instagram story isn't enough to prove Khalifa's fondness for the rookie phenom, which means more social media digging is necessary. Luckily enough, she actually tweeted some extremely kind words about him during the 2017 NCAA season.

​​Even when Tatum isn't on the hardwood, the 20-year-old forward is still scoring. 

Considering that Celtics fans can be superstitious at times, they might want to avoid Mia Khalifa's social media accounts at all costs.