​Well, this is pretty damn awkward. 

In the reporting world, there's always going to be competition for who can break news first. It's the nature of the game. But, calling out reporters for how they land their information is a pretty big no-no. 

On Tuesday night, two of the most respected NFL insiders decided to go at it following the update the Browns offered the Eagles a ​second-round pick for Nick Foles. It all started with PFT's Mike Florio throwing some shade at Michael Silver. 

​​Yup, that's venom being thrown. 

Florio basically just accused Hue Jackson of leaking the news. As you might imagine, Silver was not happy to see this. 

Shots fired!

Silver was quick to defend himself and added a little extra spice by calling Florio a d**k. As if that wasn't enough, Florio decided to come back with another jab. 

Doubling down ​on his Hue Jackson take? You better believe it. 

These two set Twitter on fire with this latest beef. With how busy the NFL offseason has been, this might not be the last time these two go at it.