If you were ever wondering what the price tag of a Super Bowl MVP costs, you'll get a little bit closer to knowing that answer after this report. 

Nick Foles carried the Eagles to a Super Bowl last season, but will clearly serve as the backup this year as Carson Wentz returns from injury. That left him on the trade block this offseason, although the asking price was a bit steep. 

As it turns out, the Browns were willing to make a pretty serious offer for Foles, as they offered a very early second-round pick in exchange for someone who can finally put their quarterback woes to rest. 

​​The Eagles maintained they wanted a first-day selection if a team was going to pry Foles away from them. They weren't joking. 

Yes, Foles stepped in seamlessly and helped bring home the first title in franchise history, but Philadelphia's decision to turn this down is surprising. He's a backup QB and the 35th pick is essentially a first-rounder. That's a tough package to decline.

When the Foles deal fell through, Cleveland moved on to plan B and  acquired Tyrod Taylor at a much lower price. 

​​If all goes to plan, Foles won't get his chance to start this season. But hey, that definitely beats playing in Cleveland!