Here we are again with yet another controversy with the New England Patriots.

Quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski were absent from the start of OTAs this week. Reports have indicated that instead of attending team practices, the duo is u​n​dergoing treatment​s at Brady's TB12 facility.

For those who don't know, Alex Guerrero, who is training Brady and Gronk at the TB12 center, has reportedly been bared from Gillette by Bill Belichick. Brady's and Gronk's decision to train with him and not the team (and those close to them likely leaking the info), is considered a direct shot at Belichick. 

With Brady and Gronkowski absent, Belichick would not discuss their statuses, telling the media that​ he will only speak on the players who showed up. 

​​This is yet another drama-filled dynamic between the two star players and head coach. However, both Brady and Belichick do not hold any leverage here. Belichick does.

If you paid attention last season, then you are certainly aware of the strife between the players and coach. It all started when Belichick banned Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero, from the Patriots facility, after Brady refused to consult team physicians over an injury. 

The tension only grew once Gronkowski began to practice the TB12 regimen, which reportedly irked Belichick, causing him to​ call out the tight end in front of the team last season.

While it does seem like this could cause some drama heading into the 2018 season, let's not fool ourselves. The belief is that both players might be skipping OTAs amid desires for a new contract. However, that does not appear to be the case, as Gronkowski and the Patriots are currently working on r​e​structuring his current deal. Brady has never missed the start of OTAs before now, which could be eyebrow-raising for some.

Regardless of everything laid out here, the expectation is that both Brady and Gronkowski will attend the start of mandatory minicamp in June.

​​The "power struggle" emerging in front of the media and public will not go in favor of the players. Belichick is the man in charge, and even with discrepancies, both Brady and Gronkowski will arrive to practice in June. 

The public standoff between both parties will be all for naught, and we will likely all forget about it during the 2018 season, especially if the Patriots are succeeding on the field. But for now, it remains big news around the NFL.