Move over, ​Cristiano Ronaldo-- another soccer icon has been immortalized with a 100 percent cringeworthy sculpture that may even surpass your own.

Brandi Chastain is an American hero. She's a two-time FIFA World Cup champion and two-time Olympic Gold medalist, and is best known for her epic game-winning penalty kick and celebration against China in 1999 to win the big one for the Stars and Stripes. She recently received a major honor in being inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, but was presented with one of the all-time worst plaques on the occasion.


Seriously, who is being drawn in this picture? 

It certainly isn't Brandi Chastain, as the woman in this sculpture looks 20 years older and doesn't have any similar features. Just like any huge mistake made in the sports world, the social media world is throwing its best jabs at the Hall of Fame plaque.

Wait for it...

Just sit with that one for a moment.​​

Now, the only really question is whether or not this will draw more criticism and sneering pot-shots than Tom Brady's infamous courtroom sketch, which got absolutely blasted for its inaccuracy. ​​In any event, this American legend should feel wronged by this Hall of Fame misfire.