​The most talented player in the ​Wisconsin locker room is not a quarterback, a wide receiver, a cornerback, or a running back. Rather, he is a massive nose tackle. Olive Sagapolu, a junior out of California and all-Big Ten honorable mention, was captured at the beach on vacation showing off some of that nose tackle agility. Is that an oxymoron?

HE WEIGHS 336 POUNDS​​ AND HE DID THAT SO EASILY. And, it's way harder to do flips on sand than solid ground.

Sagapolu is out here representing nose tackles everywhere. Although, he is no stranger to showcasing some of his non-football related talents.

​​He can do backflips and serenade people? This guy just keeps getting better and better. 

He used to be a cheerleader in high school, which could explain where he got the flawless backflip from, but I have never seen 330-pound cheerleader, nor have I seen someone that big even do any kind of a flip. 

Safe to say I'm impressed.