​Braden Holtby waited until Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals to post his first shutout of the calendar year.

Holtby's form as goalkeeper has been questioned time and time again this season, with the one-time phenom even losing his starting spot at the beginning of the postseason. The Caps went back to their veteran, however, and he hasn't let them down.

Now, in the biggest of moments, Holtby delivered his finest performance of the season.

Where has this Braden Holtby been all year? We may never have a real answer to that question. But in the Caps 100th game of the season, he just abut single-handedly willed his team to victory. Game 7 will be held in Tampa.

24 shots against and 24 saves. There are no perfect games in hockey, but this was damn near close.

The Caps hope they're finally getting the Braden Holtby of 2016-17, in which he led the league in shutouts during the regular season.

The Caps offensive display was nothing to scoff at either, churning three goals off Andrei Vasilevskiy. But Holtby was the storyline, and he deserves every bit of praise thrown his way leading up to Game 7.

The pressure is squarely on Tampa, now.