Every player who ever played in the MLB had the dream of playing baseball professionally ever since they were a kid. Manny Machado isn't different. He just shared that dream with his best friend.

The Orioles' star has been the focal point of the trade discussion between the Chicago Cubs and Baltimore, and he'll be playing out a childhood fantasy if he does. Not because he'll immediately be contending for a title. It's because he'll be contending for a title on the same team as his Albert Almora Jr.

Machado admitted playing alongside his best friend and chasing a ring would be special.

Orioles fans may not like the idea of him looking forward to playing with a different franchise, but can you really blame him?​​

Anytime we do something, we'd like to do it with our best friends. Whether it's going to school, getting a job, or playing sports, you want your right-hand man next to you. Major league baseball players are no different.

​​Baltimore fans may be in luck though, as the Orioles have an interest in bringing in Almora. It's hard to imagine a scenario where they make a deal that doesn't involve Machado, but maybe the arrival of his old friend will convince him to stay in town.

As long as Almora isn't included in the deal to bring the slugging third baseman to Chicago, Machado's dream may come true.