The further we go, the more it feels like Colin Kaepernick may never play again the NFL. It's a sad and ridiculous reality, but one that becomes more apparent as each day passes and the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback continues to lay fallow on the free agent market. 

Kaep's collusion grievance against the league continues to unfold, and many coaches and owners have deposed, including Jerry Jones, Pete Carroll, and Bob McNair. And according to ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, a source with knowledge of the situation has managed to debunk the rumor that teams have stayed away from Kaepernick because he wasn't good enough.

Instead, the source points to testimony, documents obtained, free agent evaluations, and depositions from witnesses to determine that "the collusion litigation has established that teams viewed Kaepernick as being good enough not simply to be employed by an NFL team, but to be a starting quarterback for an NFL team."

The challenge for Kaepernick's attorneys, however, still remains steep. They will have to prove that owners, coaches and league officials colluded together to keep him on the outside of the league looking in.

This latest revelation would ideally help push things closer to a positive resolution to this labor standoff. But given that this is the NFL we're talking about here, it's hard to fathom a situation in which Kaepernick walks away feeling that justice has been served on his account.