​This is a legendary flex right here. 

The Lynx and the Sparks have quite the rivalry going, as both teams have met in back-to-back finals. Those games ​have been heated, with the two splitting the pair. The Lynx have also been very ​active socially, so you've probably heard of them. 

Minnesota burned Los Angeles hard by playing their ring ceremony video while the Sparks were practicing.

Apparently, the Sparks had every intention of skipping Minnesota's ring ceremony, but the Lynx were just too petty. They blasted the video while the Sparks were practicing in their building, forcing them to watch it one way or another. 

This rivalry is easily the best thing about the WNBA, as it takes the best female players on the planet and gives them a stage to shine on. Clearly, the petty factor between the two only ups the ante to awesome levels.