​When Stephen Jackson was in the NBA, he was a player known for his passion. Things haven't changed just because he's retired. 

Jackson is pretty fired up right now and it's proving to be controversial. On Instagram, Jackson took a shot at JJ Watt for the distribution of the Hurricane Harvey funds he raised. 

This comes after it was announced Watt will be paying for the funerals of the Santa Fe High students who were tragically killed during a school shooting on Friday.


Jackson really did not hold back here. 

He's basically saying Watt didn't do enough with the over $37 million he helped raise. Really? These IG comments were rough, but Jackson wasn't done. 

He then posted his own Instagram post, with the caption, "I’m gone let this sit for a min. For all that had so much to say about my post. No one did more in Houston than @djmrrogers and @Traeabn. Facts so I must not be too off. Like I said the Truth is the Truth don’t matter who say it. Real Texas Boyz. I know y’all rather us say stuff to make him look better right. Naw not us. No yes men here. Keep it Real and Keep it Right. TooTrillTv #GBG hear it from him."

Jackson is not impressed whatsoever, which is a bummer to see. JJ is making a big difference here. We'll see if he chooses to respond to Jackson's eye-opening statements.