It's a frustrating time for the Washington Capitals, and Alexander Ovechkin let out every ounce of his anger on his poor, defenseless stick last night. After taking the first two games in Tampa Bay, the Capitals lost both Game 3 and 4 at home. Washington was seemingly in a fantastic position to put a stranglehold on the series, but blew both their chances and now the series is tied at 2-2. 

Hey, at least the Capitals are choking in the Eastern Conference Finals instead of the Second Round? 

The Capitals choking is a narrative we've all seen before, but this truly might be their worst yet. For Ovechkin, this is probably a pretty frustrating time for him, after finally escaping his Second Round woes, now he faces a whole new challenge of not doing the same thing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Advancing past the Pittsburgh Penguins and into the Second Round is certainly something to be proud of, but no one will remember their Playoff run if it doesn't end with Ovechkin raising the cup over his head. 

Game 5 is a must win for the Caps, plain and simple. 

Whether it's their injuries or even a signed broom, the Caps have some bad mojo floating around their team right now and it's time to officially panic. They've put themselves in the same situation as the Columbus Blue Jackets during their First Round series and we all saw how that turned out.