Pretty clear cause-and-effect here.

The Marlins are in some serious trouble. They're currently being ​sued by Miami-Dade County in regards to a profit-sharing agreement. 

 When MD County agreed to fund the construction of Marlins Park, they made the deal with the team that they would receive five percent of the profits the ownership group sold the team within a decade. Obviously they did, and ​Derek Jeter took over and somehow made them worse. 

But the county never saw their cut. 

The franchise is trying to claim foreign citizenship to protect themselves in the lawsuit, claiming they have an office in the Virgin Islands. 

So sports reporter Andy Slater decided to check out the "office."

Yes, the Marlins are trying to claim foreign citizenship with a P.O. Box. 

Well his investigation definitely infuriated the team at the top levels. So, naturally, they decided to revoke his press credentials. 

​​You have to love when good journalism really makes "the man" mad. 

Very terrible look here for the Marlins in a long line of terrible looks. We're actually waiting for their first good look of the decade.