One of the biggest names in college basketball is about to make a splash in his ​new home

Tom Crean may be the head coach of Georgia for only two months, but he's ready to build a powerhouse in Athens. It'll take a few years to get his recruiting pipeline situated where he'll have his own players in town, so any impact that will be made right away will have to do with fantastic coaching with players he's inheriting.

Since Crean can't do it alone, he's reportedly close to poaching Amir Abdur-Rahim from Texas A&M.

​​It's clear that with this signing, Crean has a plan in place with his staff.

Abdur-Rahim has a ton of experience at the collegiate level. He was an assistant at Charleston, and Murray State before settling into College Station from 2014 until now. You have to be thrilled about a guy that brings all of that to the table, but it's his ties to Georgia that stand out. Not only was he the director of player development for Georgia Tech back in 2012, but his brother was a star for the Hawks. 

​​Abdur-Rahim is also joining another recent hire, Chad Dollar, as someone with Georgia ties on his staff.

Coaching is obviously huge, but bringing in all of these Georgia coaches could do wonders for recruiting.