In a controversial Supreme Court ruling this week, ​the nationwide ban on sports gambling was overturned and power was given to the states to regulate wagering as they see fit.

While sports junkies and bookies across the league celebrate, many are concerned about the damage this could do to the integrity of sports. Many scandals have resulted from players attempting to alter the outcome of games, and Metta World Peace is now speaking out about a certain situation he found himself in during his college days at St. John's. ​

WOAH! While he did not accept, he admitted that the thought crossed his mind.

"$35,000 to throw a game? Not bad. But that’s the problem … they find these kids that ain’t got no money and they attack them."

With sports gambling now essentially legal, sports players and administrators must be wary of more cases like this. To World Peace's point, there could be ​several more incidents like the Ole Miss point shaving scandal a few years ago and perhaps even more Pete Roses.