I don't blame you Mr. Dorsey...

The ​Cleveland Browns will appear on HBO's Hard Knocks in 2018, an NFL-films based reality television show. Some teams embrace the opportunity, while others do everything in their power not to be featured on it. 

Browns GM John Dorsey said he didn't want the Browns on it, but now that they are he must do and say the right things in public. But don't be fooled, he is not enthusiastic that his club was selected.  

“Hue [Jackson] and I both feel like this team is in a good place and that we are in the process of building something that will lead to success. Being a part of Hard Knocks will give our fans the opportunity to see how passionate the people in our building are about winning and how excited we are about getting to work and preparing for the 2018 season," explained Dorsey about the opportunity of being on Hard Knocks. 

It really sucks the league forces teams to appear in the show. Dorsey would go ahead and admit how reluctant he had been in the past, and quite frankly can you blame him. It's a big distraction, especially for a team trying to build a new culture. 

Sure, the Browns make for a compelling series. A new, outspoken quarterback in ​Baker Mayfield, high expectations despite securing just one victory over the course of the past two seasons, yes all the makings of viewer engagement and excellent ratings. 

The show has produced 12 seasons, with the first premiering in 2001 with the Baltimore Ravens. Despite teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals appearing on the show more than once, out of the 12 years covered, just five teams have gone on to make the postseason. 

Hard Knocks in 2018 is sure to be a hit, and expect the Browns organization to all put their happy faces on in front of the camera.